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  •   My kids have been patients of this office for three years, and to say we have been very pleased is a dramatic understatement! My 10 year old son had been traumatized by previous experiences in the dentist chair, which is so common, all things considered. But he was so nervous about going to the dentist and getting a numbing shot that he was having panic attacks and meltdowns! It was terrible and demoralizing for everyone involved! Dr. Chuck Odion is a miracle worker as far as I'm concerned! He hit it off immediately with my son, then began setting him at ease and after a few touch and go moments, actually administered the shot such that, as soon as he was done, my boy asked, "When are you going to give me the shot?"!! I was so incredibly grateful and actually cried in relief! I still get misty thinking about how much cost and concern he saved me and my family. Sedation for a 10 year old is NOT cheap! And continuing to just force him to go through necessary dentistry--even basic check ups--against his will would soon have become impossible, besides being horribly conflicting! I recognize that this sounds over the top, but I can not thank Dr Chuck enough! On top of all that, we have always felt comfortable in the office and love all the staff members and dental assistants! This is a great office full of wonderful, caring, helpful, friendly people!

    thumb Marie Morgan

      My daughter had a cap fall off her front tooth over the weekend. I called 10 different dentists emergency lines and only received a call back from South Davis Pediatric Dentistry! The doctor was amazing. He called in a prescription because her tooth underneath was infected and got us in for their first appointment on Monday. Their office staff was so helpful and friendly! We love it here. We switched immediately from our other office.

    thumb Jenni Black

      We have recommended many clients to Dr Jason when their infants show signs of tongue or lip ties. We have had reports of a gentle bedside manner, a conservative care plan approach extremely kind staff and personal follow up by the doctor himself. We have loved watching newborns' breastfeeding latches improve after their care. After having had a hard time finding a local pediatric dentist to recommend, we couldn't be happier to have him local for our babies!

    thumb Utah Birth Center
  •   We love this office!! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful!! My kids look forward to their cleanings and playing at their amazing new office play area. The staff makes my kids feel very comfortable. We rarely have to wait, which is great! I would highly recommend this office!!

    thumb Jnaie Rodgers

      Took my son for his first visit to a dentist shortly after his first birthday. The registration process was smooth, and entirely online - the staff were very friendly and explained treatment details effectively. It was clear in their mannerisms that they love working with kids. Dr. Jason was very kind and patient with my son during his exam and laser treatment. I'd strongly recommend them for any pediatric care. It was a great experience.

    thumb Curtis Anderson

      The staff here is amazing. They take really good care of my kids. They always answer my questions and get me in to my appointments when it's on my schedule. The dentists here are incredible with all the children and made my daughter feel safe and comfortable when she had anxiety, which she no longer has because of how well they are with her. To top it off love the mating room. A lot of play for the kids while they wait!!

    thumb Jamie Turner
  •   Best pediatric dentistry I have been to, my children love it. Everyone who works there is very nice and very professional. They focus on the kids and help them feel comfortable. It is a very clean facility and I really appreciate their service.

    thumb Penelope Aragon

      My kids LOVE it here! Very clean, fun waiting area, and dentists are wonderful. My daughter has autism and this is the FIRST place that successfully got her an x-ray. We are very satisfied.

    thumb Cynthia Sahm

      My kids and I love this place!!! As a mother, I'm so grateful to have found a dentist I know I can completely trust my children's health with. Great doctor and great staff!

    thumb Angie Jones